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Course Summary


Join us for the acclaimed 10-week ROV Subtle Energy Meditation course. Based on the book “Raising Our Vibration: A Guide to Subtle Energy Meditation” by Kevin Schoeninger and Stephen Skelton, you will develop skills in interoception and mindfulness, which are foundational to the seven-step SEM process. We integrate key components of ancient wisdom traditions with modern neuroscience to help you tap into your body’s own subtle energy system. Learning and practicing SEM allows you to:

•reduce stress and anxiety

•cultivate clear focus and concentration

•access deeper meditative states

•release inner blocks to healing the body, mind and spirit

•gain insight into “Who You Are” and “Why You’re Here”

•connect to the life force within and all around you

•discover your path of deeper meaning, purpose and service

Next course: To Be Announced

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Course Overview

Module 1: Exploring States of Consciousness

Module 2: Deep Dive into Interoception

Module 3: Deep Dive into Mindfulness

Module 4: Accessing Awareness

Module 5: Activating Relaxation

Module 6: Building Concentration Into Absorption

Module 7: Discovering the Portals to Transcendence

Module 8: Introducing the Love, Light, and Peace Meditation

Module 9: Taking Meditation Off the Cushion and into the World

Module 10: Compassionate Action 

Date: To Be Announced

Contact: For any questions email: 

Cost: $299 USD

Detailed Course Overview

The Team in Front

Connie Mitchell

Connie Mitchell is a certified ROV Subtle Energy Meditation teacher, a Usui Holy Fire III® Reiki master practitioner, and a professional writer and editor. She lives near Kansas City, Missouri, with her husband and two cats. Connie has two grown sons and enjoys camping in her vintage RV, hiking, kayaking, reading, and drinking good coffee with friends.

Eibi Hirsch

Abraham (Eibi) Hirsch is a certified ROV Subtle Energy Meditation teacher and has been a meditator and seeker for more than 20 years, studying Mahayoga, Mahamudra and other practices. Based in Mexico City, Eibi also studied with Dr. Carlos de Leon in the fields of ontogonic psychotherapy, transmutation and Kabbalah.

The Team Behind

Kevin Schoeninger

Kevin Schoeninger is an author and teacher of Mind-Body training. In 1984, he had a profound experience of still, silent, spacious, nondual awareness on a backpacking trip through the wilderness that set him on a lifelong quest exploring higher states of consciousness. This quest led him to study T'ai Chi, Qigong, mindfulness, meditation, Centering Prayer, Kriya Yoga, Holy Fire Reiki, and other mind-body training techniques. Kevin graduated from Villanova University in 1986 with a Masters degree in Philosophy, and is Certified as a Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Qigong Meditation Master Instructor, and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. He has been writing about and teaching these techniques for over 35 years. His latest book is Clear Quiet Mind, which is available on Amazon. Kevin and Stephen have published their guide to Subtle Energy Meditation called, "Raising Our Vibration" and are currently working on their next book, "The Science of Pure Energy Awareness"

Stephen Altair

Stephen Skelton (more commonly known as Stephen Altair) is an author and teacher of Light Body Awakening, including Mindfulness and Meditation. At a very early age, Stephen had a dream of being a monk and experiencing the cosmic sound and light, an experience which fostered his awakening into self-awareness and a curiosity and deep love for all spiritual paths. This curiosity led him to study T'ai Chi, Qigong, meditation, Kriya Yoga, Reiki, and other mind-body training techniques. Stephen graduated from Auckland and Otago University with degrees in Education and Business and was Certified as a Counsellor with the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of New South Wales in Australia. He has been writing and teaching meditation techniques for over 30 years. His latest book is Diary of a Yogi, which is available on Amazon.


Jason M

“I'd never tried a regular meditation practice before, and I wasn't sure this would work for me, but it was a great experience, and I now recommend Subtle Energy Meditation to friends and family who could benefit from stress relief, focus and a more positive outlook. Connie & Eibi made meditation approachable, and the class had some excellent discussions. "

Daniel S

“I learned a lot and became aware of a brand new perspective through the world of meditation that will help me grow in all aspects of life: physically, mentally and spiritually. My favorite part was the personal touch and contact I had with my teachers: especially from Connie and Eibi, and also from Stephen and Kevin, who all are living examples of what they teach. They all were amazing, committed, attuned and sensitive to my situation, doubts and feelings. I am grateful and feel blessed that I had the opportunity to learn this wisdom from such extraordinary people.”

A Guide to Subtle Energy Meditation

Kevin Schoeninger and Stephen Skelton (aka Altair) guide you to take your meditation practice to the next level. Whether you're a novice or an advanced meditator, you'll learn the seven steps of Subtle Energy Meditation to elevate your inner state and raise our collective consciousness!


Available in Amazon


  • Go deeper in your meditations. Use these Guided Meditations to take your practice to the next level.

  • Check out the Coherent Breathing Timer to quickly destress and relax.

  • See your improvements over time with your Personal Stats and Graphs page.

  • Check out our Meditation Library to boost your health, find inner peace, grow more loving relationships, manifest your soul’s desires, and realize deep spiritual connection.

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